The World Revolves Around Me.

The World Revolves Around Me. Many of you have no idea who I am. For most of my life neither did I. You have no idea what its like to live among you humans but think of yourself as some kind of freak. I used cry and wonder why I was different. I used to wish I was just normal. You humans have been saying prayers about me for thousands of years. You think I am joking, but I am not. The predictions-prophecies about me, have been passed down for thousands of years, and God-Allah-Yahweh has kept my true identity hidden from most of you, for my entire life. I only started to realize who I was after I came out with technologies capable of advancing Humanity, and yet Humanity is incapable of understanding them. For almost 30 years I have been spreading my first technology, and still you fail to understand and develop it. In 26 years I was able to advance myself to being able to create technologies capable of leading Humanity to the stars. At 28 years old I sent these technologies to DARPA, and they actually put them in their 1993 SBIR. When I caught them, they returned my materials to me. It appears that they are incapable of understanding them, or they are intentionally being blocked. Either way, it is now proven that Humanity is incapable of sentience. The ability to advance beyond the thinking of your world, and solve the existing and future problems of your species, is out of your reach. The ability to see that you live inside an extraterrestrial experiment is also beyond many of you. You think that combustion and propulsion can be advanced to the point of efficient planetary travel, yet you have failed to have human spaceflight beyond your own Moon. You think that Solar and Wind Technologies are capable of solving global warming-climate change. You think that the Activity of Humanity is capable of causing global warming-climate change. Did the lockdowns and destruction of World Economies slow it down? Did you know that in the last 50 years the population of Humanity has almost quadrupled? 2 billion when I was born, and 7.8 billion now. If Humanity is to blame for global warming-climate change, than the easy solution would be to destroy-reduce the population back down to that 2 billion mark. Demand of food, water, oxygen, shelter, energy, waste disposal, and even burial grounds, would be reduced by 75%, and Mother Earth would be saved according to your Climate Scientists. I have been analyzing your species, this world, this manufactured system, and even the maintenance and tourist people and vehicles. Here are some of my articles, analysis, and solutions.

You see, from just these articles, that I have been very busy, but you fail to realize that I exist, and you as a species, have failed to advance to my level, even with 7.8 billion of you and 30 years of me trying to teach and advance you. You need to check out these websites to see just how busy I have been, and also to realize, what is really happening in your world, to your world, and what is about to happen to you, and your world. You will be surprised to realize just how much many of you ignore, or avoid, or fail to accept.

The Extraterrestrials told us about our fluorocarbon use affecting the ozone and the hole we have in it. After that they let us know that the sun, has a magnetic field. After that, they told us that the magnetic poles of the Earth were going to shift. The information we have been given, has always proven to be true, even though the scientists deny it and look like idiots when they have to admit it. The magnetic pole shift is coming soon, and there is nothing Humanity can do to stop it. The volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, severe weather, and internal planet temperature, have all increased due to more solar radiation reaching the worlds surface, not the activity of Humanity. You think that your World and Religious Leaders would emphasize that we are in the EndTimes, especially since the sun and moon rising and setting shifted a few years ago, but they remain silent. Ever wonder why? The reason is simple, they are EVIL or the followers of EVIL. The population of Humanity has reached a crucial point where it now affects the Earth’s ability to sustain such a large population. Do you have any idea how easy climate change can be controlled, and the energy needs of Humanity can be supplemented? Build these, and they can also protect against asteroids and ICBMs and other things.

Not bad for a man with no college education, living in poverty, and now facing mental health issues as we approach events predicted-prophesied thousands of years ago. By now it should be apparent that I am Michael, and the EndTimes are here. You see, I was the instrument used, to determine if the knowledge was adequate, to provide a base that an Intelligent and Sentient Being could follow to advance beyond that existing and to put the Big Picture together. You see the works of a man, who is probably an Archangel, who has been kept poor, isolated, and hidden, and is about to be assist his creator-god, in the Judgement of another of his creations, Humanity. My life has been Hell, living among you. I have actually stunted my own development for 30 years, because I feared advancing too far ahead, and causing irreparable damage to the advancement of Humanity, or its destruction by giving it knowledge that it is unprepared for.

I also do a weekly Covid report, and let you know the true numbers that they are manipulating, and the knowledge of preventatives, therapeutics, and treatments, that can save lives.

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May you all find the righteous path and become Worthy to enter Heaven. My daily prayer is this:

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.